The Marriage Manifesto

The Ultimate Tool for Co-Creating Long-Lasting-Love and Happiness in Your Relationship!

If I asked you “Why are you two getting married?” or “Why are you two married?” What would you say? I most often hear: “Because it’s the next step,” or “because we love each other.”

It takes an average of 250 hours to plan a wedding but we spend far less than that planning for our married lives.

Have you ever had these thoughts:

  • We’re happy now, but how do I make sure we stay that way?
  • I want this marriage to last, but what can I do to make sure it will?
  • What will our life be like after we are married?
  • What should be focused on to ensure a lasting marriage?
  • What are the conversations you must have before walking down the aisle?
  • How do you avoid the disappointment of expectation violations?

The Marriage Manifesto: The Ultimate Tool for Co-Creating Long-Lasting-Love and Happiness holds these answers.

We get engaged with the best intentions, but healthy and happy marriages don’t just happen by accident. Certainly you want to do anything you can to ensure that your marriage will be a lasting one that brings you happiness and joy. But what can you do?

As a spiritual minister and counselor, I have helped hundreds of couples through relationships from pre-commitment to post-marriage. There are keys to creating successful relationships, and once you learn them, amazing things are possible.

The Marriage Manifesto is a great read for many different people. Are you:

  • Thinking about getting engaged and wonder how marriage will change your relationship?
  • Recently engaged and want to create a strong foundation for marriage?
  • Ready to work as a team to consciously co-create the lives of your dreams?
  • Interested in having a tool to guide you throughout your marriage?
  • Interested in re-inventing your marriage?

 Testimonial from Tiffany Kimbrough-Scott:

“For my husband and I, taking the time to sit down amidst the insanity of wedding planning to consciously define what our goals were for our marriage has proven to be incredibly helpful. We had been dating for a long time before getting married, and it never occurred to us that completing an exercise like this was something that we needed to do. Something about going through the process of hearing what each of our expectations were for our relationship in the future, and committing those to paper, allowed us to make the transition into married life seamlessly. I am so glad that Rev. Laura is sharing this useful tool with couples. It truly has shaped the direction that our married life has taken.”

The Marriage Manifesto: The Ultimate Tool for Co-Creating Long-Lasting Love an Happiness, also shows you how to create your very own Marriage Manifesto. The Marriage Manifesto is a document that you write together as a couple to declare a set of intentions for your married life together. Making a plan for your future is the best way to ensure your future success. In less than the time it takes you to plan a wedding (which only lasts 5 hours), The Marriage Manifesto helps you to cultivate a love that lasts a lifetime.

For a small investment of only $9.99. Yes, less than $10! You’ll have all of those initial questions answered and have everything you need to create a Marriage Manifesto you can start using TODAY. In addition, you’ll also learn ways to enhance your Marriage Manifesto experience.

  • Turn your Marriage Manifesto into artwork
  • Honor your Marriage Manifesto through a signing ceremony
  • Learn about coaching opportunities to work through the process

If you are eager to take the necessary steps to create the kind of marriage that you have dreamed of, then you are ready for The Marriage Manifesto: The Ultimate Tool for Co-Creating Long-Lasting Love and Happiness. This book also makes a great engagement gift, shower gift, wedding gift, and it is also great for married couples looking to spice things up!

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