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Endless Knot
“Awareness is the greatest agent for change.”
– Eckhart Tolle

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Starting a Mindfulness Meditation Practice by Laura C. Cannon

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Laura C. Cannon, Meditation Teacher

Mindfulness is for Everyone

What would life be like if you if were able to be more at ease, more connected, more compassionate, and more resilient?

This is what being mindfully present invites us to do – to see things as they are with compassionate clarity. It teaches us to engage with life in a way that can lead us to a natural state of peace, feeling more in touch with ourselves and able to connect deeply with others. By practicing mindful presence we create additional space in our experience of our lives, which allows us to be more flexible and resilient amid an increasingly complex and ever-changing world.

After more than 20 years on this path, there are two things that have fundamentally transformed my life and which form the basis for my teaching style – I refer them as Pragmatic Spirituality and Experiential Nondualism.

Those are fancy ways of describing two fairly simple concepts – Pragmatic Spirituality means that the transformative power that spiritual wisdom can provide comes from applying that wisdom in a practical way, and seeing if it makes your everyday life better. While it can be wonderful to contemplate spiritual texts and philosophies, the potency of their wisdom can only be activated by putting those ideas into action, applying their teachings to our own lives, and walking the path of practice for ourselves. Meditations, visualizations, affirmations, and other techniques are simply tools pointing us in a certain direction. Each of us has to actually use them to see if they work for us and make a difference in our lives. As my root teacher would say, “you must find out for yourself what is true.”

Experiential Nondualism refers to a direct experience as ourselves that goes far beyond our ideas and concepts about ourselves, which is accessible through meditation and other transformative experiences. Our minds instinctively label, categorize, and judge everything we encounter, creating a mental model of the world and our place in it. In the same way that reading a menu is not the same as eating a meal and looking at a map is not the same as hiking a mountain, our mental concepts, ideas, and stories about ourselves are not who we really are. Rather, it’s possible to experience a clarity of mind in which the dualistic sense of subject and object dissolves, and we naturally step back from “this or that” thinking into a wider, unobstructed experience of things just as they are.

While this may sound simple enough, not everything that’s simple is easy – which is why I’m here to help. If you’re like me and are interested in finding practical ways to experience more joy, love, compassion, healing, happiness and success – you’ve come to the right place.

I hope you’ll join me soon for one of my upcoming events. This website has a number of offerings including video and audio recordings of some of my talks and meditations. Please feel free to contact me anytime if you’re interested in working with me, and I’d love to connect on social media as well!

MMTCP - Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program
Greater Good Science Center, University of California Berkeley
MMTCP Certified Meditation Teacher
IMTA Certified Professional Meditation Teacher
Certified Mindfulness Teacher – Professional Level, International Mindfulness Teachers Association
National Speaker's Association
Professional Member of the National Speakers Association
CPWO - Certified Professional Wedding Officiant
CPWO – Certified Professional Wedding Officiant by IAPWO


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