It’s not uncommon to spend years needlessly suffering in relationships that have run their course, careers that aren’t bringing us fulfilment, and internal feelings of unworthiness, shame and depression. It feels unsafe to admit that we’re suffering, especially when we’re afraid of how others might judge us. I’ve mentored countless entrepreneurs who have told me that they were afraid to admit they were unhappy in their business or their personal lives because they felt that they “should” feel differently. They “should” feel grateful that they have a successful business. They “should” be able to just snap out of it and keep on keeping on. And yet, they find themselves stuck.

Albert Einstein is often quoted as having said, “No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” This simple truth is the cornerstone of my coaching work. I firmly believe that in order to have more joy, peace, and fulfillment in our lives we must raise our conscious awareness. We have to shift our perspective to be able to see what was hidden in plain sight. Each of us possesses a seed of awakening within us. Any answers we seek are already inside our hearts, waiting to be discovered and honored. Having a coach can be extremely helpful in this process of “getting real” with yourself and realigning your life with your deepest truths.

This is not work for the faint of heart; it requires courage, willingness and a safe space. My sessions are an open, safe container for doing the deep work necessary for creating profound change. Using a unique combination of modalities gleaned from more than two decades working and apprenticing with coaches, counselors, academics, healers, and shamans from around the globe, my goal is simple — to help you suffer less and enjoy your life more. We create this by shifting your level of consciousness, which provides you with a new and powerful perspective from which to navigate your life.

Holistic Coaching

PEMS Pyramid

My approach is to work with you as a whole person, not simply a collection of struggles you may be experiencing at any given time. Each of us exists as a synthesis of our Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual (PEMS) aspects, which each affect one another in profoundly different ways.

While the tools and techniques I use in each session and the way that the session unfolds are different each time, there are certain elements that remain constant. A session will always provide you with fresh insight, new perspectives and clarity. These sessions are about connecting you to your inner wisdom and claiming creative power over your life. First we have to see how we are creating what we already have; only then can we begin to make new, conscious choices about what we want to create. I assist you with both of these functions.

Ultimately, my goal is to connect you to the part of you that is already healed, whole, and complete so you can align with that truth and start creating life the life you really want. After each session, it can often be helpful to have tools that will nurture and sustain that connection, so I will sometimes give you recommendations for post-session assignments (books, meditations, exercises, etc.) that will continue to assist you after the session.

Coaching Sessions are conducted via Telephone or Zoom. If you are interested in exploring whether I am the right coach for you, please contact me here.


I came to Laura because I wanted help with accountability and focus on my personal and spiritual pursuits. What I didn’t realize I really needed was her invaluable active listening, insight, intuitive guidance and healing, in addition to what I initially sought. I highly recommend working with Laura for her thoughtful and gifted approach. I just signed up for more sessions!

— Natalie K.

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