With more than 15 years of experience as a professional public speaker, Laura has a knack for delivering engaging keynotes and informative presentations. She’s spoken to groups as large as 5,000 on a range of topics including conscious leadership, motivation and empowerment, mindset shifts, creative visualization, mindfulness, and meditation. 

Her true passion as an author and speaker lies in bridging the gap between business and spirituality — finding practical, down-to-earth applications for timeless universal wisdom. She has been a guest speaker for conferences, colleges, civic organizations, businesses, and associations.

Current Keynotes

Conscious Leadership

Cultivating Greater Self-Awareness for Better Results

In today’s rapidly-changing economy, business leaders need to cultivate flexibility and openness to new ideas and fresh perspectives. A recent scientific study of the performance of high-level executives at large companies concluded that each individual’s level of “self-awareness was the greatest predictor of success.”

In this powerful interactive keynote, Laura shares unique insights, fresh perspectives, and practical techniques for increasing self-awareness, leading to better results, more job satisfaction, and more effective leadership.

How can self-awareness improve relationships, and create a more open and trusting environment? How does understanding yourself and your own motivations translate into better results at work and home? Why does your level of self-awareness have such a strong correlation with long-term business success?


  • How to find and understand what’s really motivating you and the people you interact with
  • How to increase your capacity to handle uncertainty and change
  • How to access, calibrate, and trust your intuition for better decision-making
  • How to use practical strategies and techniques to increase your level of self-awareness

Attendees of this keynote have reported having a “strong, transformative experience” and feeling “deeply moved and inspired to create positive change” in their companies.

Be the Change

The Power of Conscious Choice

Be the Change is an inspiring keynote presentation that leaves attendees feeling “motivated and empowered” to take action towards their dreams. Most people don’t understand that their results at work and home are influenced heavily by their mindset, worldview, and behavioral patterns. Drawing on nearly 20 years of experience as a consultant and coach, Laura will share some of her most powerful tools and strategies to inspire and empower your attendees to not only dream, but take ACTION.

Are your attendees craving inspiration and practical advice for creating the life they really want? Are they interested in creating positive, lasting change but don’t know how to do so without creating unnecessary conflict? How can a simple shift in perspective lead to a massive personal transformation and better results?


  • How to identify and work with the underlying desires fueling your everyday choices
  • How to understand and break the most common habits that keep you from true success
  • Why most people unintentionally self-sabotage their own happiness, and how to avoid doing so
  • Practical, actionable tools and techniques to empower yourself to create the life you want

Attendees describe this keynote as “incredibly inspiring and a real game-changer” and “so empowering it was like Laura was speaking directly to me.”

Laura Presentation
Laura Panel
Laura Signing Books

I asked Laura to speak at the Harvard Innovation Labs to our student and alumni entrepreneurs after reading her wonderful book “The Conscious Entrepreneur“. I love how she captures one of life’s most important lessons: who you are and what you do should be one. She makes an incredibly thoughtful and compelling case for all of us to align our personal values and beliefs with those of the businesses we are building or working for. Whether you’re an entrepreneur in search of clarity or not, Laura’s messages will break through your clutter and help you find a path to a better place.

— Chris Colbert – Director, Harvard Innovation Labs

Our annual Women’s Leadership Luncheon is always one of my favorite events on campus. Each year, I am always looking for a keynote speaker that will engage, inspire and encourage our audience and Laura did that and so much more. Laura’s presentation spoke to the minds and hearts of everyone in our audience. We could all see a piece of ourselves in her presentation. She’s insightful and empowering. She left everyone wanting more! I will bring her back to engage with our community in the very near future. She’s the real deal!

— Schnell R.

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Laura’s speech about entrepreneurship. She was articulate, and the topic was so relevant to persons wanting to change careers or do what they really like and receive gratification. She poured so much emotion into her talk and made the audience a part of her life journey.

— Julie K.

If you are looking for a speaker for your next event, or to obtain a full list of speaking topics, a press kit, or for general questions, contact Laura today.

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