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How to Find Your Calling

…and Actually Follow It!

Laura C. Cannon

Have you ever felt like something was missing in your life? Do you have a tendency to get really excited to start something new, but then lose your passion and drive after a short time? Did you start a career or business that seemed like it would lead to happiness, only to end up feeling stuck or dissatisfied? Have you ever wondered if maybe the reason you were feeling dissatisfied is because you just weren’t doing the work that you were meant to do?

As a coach and an entrepreneur myself, I can tell you that these are common struggles that almost everyone grapples with – even people who are very successful. I created Find and Follow Your Calling in 7 Simple Steps to share a powerful secret: the key to happiness and success is a life with meaning. You can supercharge your personal and professional life by aligning with the true calling inside your heart and, in the process, achieve incredible results.

All it takes is a shift in perspective. This video and workbook will help you find your own true calling, create a plan, and take action toward what your really want in life. I’ve also included a version of the same FocusForm™ that I use to stay focused on my own calling.

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Find Your Calling
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