Find and Follow Your Calling in 7 Simple Steps

As a coach, I often get asked questions about “how to find your calling” and what finding your calling even means in the larger context of someone’s life. These questions often come at a time when someone is feeling lost, unsure, or disappointed in their personal or professional life. When someone tells you to just “find your calling” it can be incredibly frustrating, not only because the answer is different for everyone, but because there’s so much misunderstanding about what a “calling” really is.

It can be incredibly tempting to look for the solution to these types of feelings in the external world – the work you’re doing, the relationship you’re in, the schedule you keep – but I can tell you that the answer to these types of questions always lies inside your heart. Each of us has a unique calling that speaks to us every day, whether we’re aware of it or not.

Finding your calling is a process of self-awareness, where you need to look inside for what makes your heart sing and what’s important to you at a fundamental level. It means doing some serious introspection, and then coming up with an action plan based on those feelings that really make you feel inspired.

I recently developed an interactive video and workbook entitled “Find and Follow Your Calling in 7 Simple Steps” as a way to help people connect with these answers for themselves and then actually DO something about it.

Click on the image below to access the offer (signup is required) and you’ll receive immediate access to this powerful tool for your own awakening!

Find and Follow Your Calling in 7 Simple Steps

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